We have just put in place several initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint and become better corporate citizens.

For starters, we took an interest in our print magazines. They remain a communication tool that is very much appreciated by our customers. We have therefore decided to keep them, but to reduce the number of pages per magazine and to have them printed on recycled paper, which is a first step in the right direction. In addition, we now offer customers the possibility of receiving their travel documents electronically instead of on paper.

Our bus trips already offer an environmentally friendly means of transportation, but we’ve decided to do more! As of January 1st, 2020, single-use plastic bottles are no longer distributed on our coaches. We invite our clients to bring their own reusable bottles or to purchase one bearing the Voyages Gendron logo.


New – Offset your CO2 emissions in collaboration with: 

We have also set up a new partnership with Compensation CO2 Québec to calculate our carbon emissions during our trips and to offer clients the chance to pay an amount to offset them with the planting of trees. This development is the result of a great collaboration with the organization who shared different calculations with us to make sure we offer the right information to our clients.

This compensation will be in the form of a voluntary contribution from the customers and will be offered when they purchase their packages, which differ from one trip to another.

The components of our trips that will be compensated, to begin with, are: flights, coach transportation and cruises.

For the sake of transparency, please note that we calculate an average of 2644 passengers for our cruises, an average of 500 km per day for our coaches and we do not calculate fugitive emissions from flights at this time. The organization offers us the planting of a tree at a cost of $4 per tree, which can offset up to 0.182 tCO2 eq.

Once a year, the organization will share the geographic coordinates of our trees with us, which we will share with our customers who have contributed to offsetting their CO2 emissions.

To learn more about Compensation CO2 Québec, visit: http://www.compensationco2.ca/