These terms and conditions apply to all transactions carried out with Gendron Travel, including in particular reserving a travel package (group, all-inclusive or customized) with the agency, either by phone or online, taking out travel insurance or purchasing a gift certificate. Please read them carefully and contact us if you require more information.

Gendron Travel holds a Quebec Travel Agency licence. Any customer that has reserved a vacation with Gendron Travel is entitled to file a claim through The Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents (CFCTA), according to the conditions set out by the Office de la protection du consommateur.


All of Gendron Travel’s rates, whether they are published on the Web site, in Gendron Travel’s brochures or through other means, are is Canadian dollars and include GST and QST.

The price and availability of the group travel packages posted on the Web site are updated regularly. The prices of customized and all-inclusive trips on the Gendron Web site and brochures are valid at the time of their publication and may change depending on supplier availability.

In accordance with the laws set out by the Office de la protection du consommateur, Gendron Travel may increase the price of a trip already sold to a customer in the event of a fuel surcharge by the carrier or an increase in the exchange rate. The price of the trip will only be affected if the exchange rate increases by more than 5% between the trip’s date of purchase and the 45th day before departure. Once the price of the trip increases by at least 7% (before taxes), the customer can opt to cancel his trip and request a refund. The customer can also accept a replacement trip by paying any additional fees or receiving a refund for any excess fees collected. An increase in GST or QST could also lead to an increase in the rates posted on any and all media since taxes are included in the calculation of these particular rates. Price changes are not permitted within the 30 days prior to departure date.

Any reduction in the price of a trip resulting from a promotion or decision by Gendron Travel applies to new bookings only. Baggage fees are not included as part of our packages, unless otherwise specified.

Rates posted on the Web site are subject to change without notice.



Several methods of payment are accepted to facilitate the purchase of services:

  • Cash
  • Check – Note that an administration fee will be charged for a check with no funds
  • E-transfer (maximum of $10,000)
  • Debit
  • Credit: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
  • Gendron Travel gift certificates or travel credits



The credit card holder must be one of the passengers making the reservation. By allowing his credit card number to be used, the customer agrees to respect the reservation conditions. By providing the information appearing on his card, the card holder recognizes that he is responsible for covering the costs for all of the passengers included in his reservation file.

SECURITY DEPOSIT and FINAL PAYMENTS  (Bookings made after June 5, 2020)

We recommend that you book your stay at least 45 days before the departure date. A security deposit of 10% of the total value of the trip (insurance not included) is required at the time of booking followed by final payment 45 days prior to departure date. For reservations made 44 days or LESS prior to departure, full payment must be made at the time of booking. Exceptions : The payment schedule may vary for certain hotels, airlines, car rental companies, as well as certain suppliers or group packages or promotions. If this is the case, the terms of payment will then be presented in your quote or on the details of the package in question on our website as well as on your invoice.

Coach bus
Final payment to be made 45 days before departure. For one-day trips, the total amount is due upon reservation.

Final payment is due 120 days before departure.

Final payment is due 60 days before departure for all Gendron groups or promotional individual packages. Some conditions may apply for group promotions or others.

For individual packages, final payment is due 45 days before departure.

Stays and tours
Final payment is due 45 days before departure for all Gendron groups and individual packages.

Final payment is due 45 days before departure. For Club Med reservations, final payment is due 60 days before departure.

Final payment is due 45 days before departure. For trips including a boat or sailing home, the final payment is due 120 days before the departure.

Voyages Gendron reserves the right to cancel said reservation without notice, without recourse by the client and subject to cancellation fees if full payment has not been made within the prescribed time limit. For private groups, deposit and final payment conditions may vary according to the agreement between the parties.

When paying by cheque, no reservation is confirmed before the deposit is received. Please note that cheques will not be accepted for a reservation that departs within 30 days.

CANCELLATION POLICY (Bookings made after June 5, 2020)

The cancellation conditions of trips booked with Voyages Gendron, in certain cases, may reflect the cancellation conditions of our suppliers and partners. It is possible to ask your travel consultant for the cancellation conditions for each service of your reservation if applicable.  In the event of cancellation before final payment has been made, the amount of the security deposit will be considered the cancellation fee. In the event of cancellation after final payment has been made, the cancellation fee will represent what the suppliers and partners charge to Voyages Gendron according to the contracts negotiated between them in addition to the amount corresponding to the security deposit. See the “SECURITY DEPOSIT and FINAL PAYMENTS” section above for the exact dates of the final payments.

Please note that a cancellation at Voyages Gendron must be made by email to your travel consultant. In order to take advantage of the cancellation conditions of our suppliers, you must ensure that you have received a cancellation confirmation from your travel consultant within a reasonable period of time according to our business days in order for the cancellation to be valid.

SECURITY DEPOSIT and FINAL PAYMENTS  (Bookings made before June 5, 2020)

A security deposit representing 25% of the total value of the trip (not including insurance) is required upon reservation, unless the reservation is made during the period when the final payment is due. Should the reservation be made within the final payment period, the total amount of the travel package is due. Without prejudice, the following are the final payment dates by department:

Coach bus
Final payment to be made 45 days before departure. For one-day trips, the total amount is due upon reservation.

Final payment is due 120 days before departure.

Final payment is due 60 days before departure for all Gendron groups. For customized trips, final payment is due 45 days before departure.

Stays and tours
Final payment is due 60 days before departure for all Gendron groups. For customized trips, final payment is due 45 days before departure

Final payment is due 45 days before departure. For Club Med reservations, final payment is due 60 days before departure.

Final payment is due 45 days before departure.

In all cases, travel consultants will provide their customers with a final payment reminder by email and phone a few days before the deadline. If a customer fails to make the final payment despite reminders from an agent, Gendron Travel reserves the right to cancel his reservation and shall retain the deposit made by said customer in addition to charging cancellation fees.

For private groups, conditions pertaining to deposits and final payments may vary depending on the agreement between the parties.

In the event of payment by cheque, reservations are only confirmed once funds are deposited. Please note that cheques are not accepted for reservations with a departure date in the following 30 days.

CANCELLATION POLICY (Bookings made before June 5, 2020)

Reserved trips are 100% non-refundable. In the event of cancellation, the deposit amount paid will be retained as the cancellation fee. When final payments have been made, the total amount of the package will be retained as the cancellation fee. See SECURITY DEPOSIT and FINAL PAYMENT section above for information on deadlines for final payments.


If changes are made after reservation (for example: room type, hotel, rental car type), administrative fees are applied in addition to any fees related to modifying or adding to reservations. Requested changes are subject to supplier availability.

For coach bus departures, name changes can be made to the file up to 24 hours before departure at no cost.

$20 fees will be applied for changes made to reserved tee times for golf.

For other changes, please contact your travel consultant for information on applicable fees.


Gendron Travel does not refund services that were reserved and unused by the customer. Such services may not be postponed until a later date. The same principle applies to airline tickets when customers do not show up or when they arrive at the departure gate after boarding.


Taking the necessary precautions before leaving on your trip is a wise decision.  Gendron Travel strongly recommends that customers take out travel insurance before their departure or, if applicable, check their personal insurance coverage. Cancellation, interruption and medical insurance can also be obtained directly through Gendron Travel.


When travelling, minors must be accompanied by an adult in any room where they are staying. An airline ticket can be issued to a minor at the request of the individual having parental authority. A minor is defined as a person under 18 years of age.


A Canadian passport is required whenever and wherever an individual travels outside of Canada. Although it is not required for flights outside of Canada, a passport constitutes an internationally recognized form of photo i.d. Certain countries require that passports be valid for a period of six months following the scheduled date of return to Canada. In all cases, Gendron Travel shall not be held liable for issues related to its customers’ passports. Customers are responsible for ensuring that their passports are valid for the duration of their stay and that they do not lose them.



Customers must ensure that they obtain the necessary travel documents, passports, visas, etc. as well as any required vaccinations before travelling, and at their own expense. Also, please note that a parent travelling alone with a child under 18 may be required to present a sworn affidavit signed by the other parent authorizing the child to travel. Entry fees and departure taxes may be collected from authorities in certain countries. In accordance with the law, travel documents are sent to customers at least 7 days before departure. It is very important that customers verify the travel documents they receive from Gendron Travel to ensure that they correspond exactly to their reservations. In the event that a mistake has been made or for any other travel-related question, customers are invited to consult with their travel consultant. The Web site is a practical tool for obtaining information.


Either the airline carrier or competent authorities can deny boarding to any customer that does not have the required travel documents, without any recourse or possibility of refund. Customers can also be refused entry into a country despite having the required travel documents. Regardless of the reason, Gendron Travel shall not be held liable if a customer is refused entry into a country, whether they are travelling on a coach bus, travelling on a personal trip or on a Gendron Travel group trip. Gendron Travel shall also not be held responsible for consequences suffered by its customers—for example: expenses incurred for returning home and loss of enjoyment during their trip.



To use gift certificates or travel credits, customers must provide the original document to Gendron Travel and mention the serial number to the travel consultant during the reservation. No reservation will be made or reduction applied if the travel consultant does not have the original gift certificate or travel credit. Gift certificates and travel credits are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Gift certificates can be used towards any Gendron Travel product or service. When they are purchased by a customer, there is no deadline for use. Gift certificates  awarded or gifted by Gendron Travel may have a deadline.

Travel credits may have an expiry date, depending on the terms indicated on the travel credit. Travel credits can only be used towards new reservations.



Gendron Travel reserves the right to cancel a group trip if the minimum number of passengers is not reached. The number of passengers varies from one trip to another. For cruises, the minimum number is 8 cabins in double occupancy. When reserving, customers can always ask their travel consultant if the group is guaranteed or not. In the event of cancellation, customers will receive a full refund. Customers also have the opportunity to travel on their own, at the price in effect at that particular time.

In situations of force majeure, guides assigned to a given trip may change without notice in order to ensure the presence of a guide.


Only hoteliers and their suppliers are responsible for allocating rooms based on the category reserved. The same principle applies to cruises. Unless confirmed with the travel consultant by the supplier, any special requests related to accommodations are not guaranteed by Gendron Travel.


Gendron Travel gives customers who are travelling alone the opportunity to pair up with another customer travelling alone within the same group. Customers are therefore complete strangers in this case. The goal of pairing customers is to reduce travel costs by allowing them to stay in double occupancy rather than single occupancy. The deposit required for such trips is 50% of the overall cost. Gendron Travel shall not be held responsible for damages or prejudice caused to a passenger who accepts to be paired with another person—for example: dissatisfaction with his roommate, lost objects, cancellation by one of the two parties, etc. In the event of cancellation of trips in which customers are paired, the second passenger will be responsible for paying a surplus equal to the difference between the price per person in double occupancy and the price per person in single occupancy.


Customers may select their seats when reserving a coach bus trip. For certain trips, a $10 fee applies per person, per day for those who wish to obtain a seat in the first 4 rows of the coach bus. Should additional coach buses be added for the same package, Gendron Travel reserves the right to change the seats selected in order to facilitate logistics at pickup points.

Customers are responsible for arriving at the correct pickup location at least 15 minutes before their scheduled coach bus boarding time. Gendron Travel shall not be held responsible for any harm or prejudice suffered by a customer who fails to show up on time or at the correct pickup location. Pickup times and locations are indicated on the travel package’s Web page and on the invoice. A minimum of 6 people is required at a specific pickup point in order for Gendron Travel to provide shuttle service from said pickup point to the main coach bus. Pickup times and locations are indicated on the travel package’s Web page and on the invoice. Should there be a change in the pickup schedule or location, Gendron Travel will directly contact customers who have purchased the package to notify them. If the number of participants who have registered for a given trip is low, Gendron Travel reserves the right to use its 15-passenger coach bus.

Note that the coach bus may occasionally be late due to traffic. Please remain at the pickup location until the coach bus arrives.



Customers are responsible for informing their travel consultant of any condition that may affect them during the trip. As such, the agent may suggest a trip based on the customer’s condition or make the necessary arrangements where appropriate.

Dietary restrictions, intolerances and allergies are some of the issues that can affect a trip. Customers are responsible for informing their travel consultant in order to facilitate planning. Unless otherwise indicated by a travel consultant, Gendron Travel cannot guarantee that suppliers will be able to accommodate customers and cannot be held responsible for difficulties that may arise. As every trip and supplier is different, it is recommended that customers contact their travel consultant directly for more information.

Customers are responsible for keeping their EpiPens and/or medication within reach to ensure easy intervention.


Customers are responsible for having the documents listed below before taking possession of a vehicle rented through Gendron Travel:

  • The prepaid voucher
  • Proof of insurance for the type of vehicle rented
  • A valid credit card in the driver’s name
  • A valid driver’s licence in the driver’s name*.

*Customers are responsible for checking with their travel consultant to see if they need an international driver’s licence as this may be required for certain destinations.

Customers must be at least 21 years of age in order to rent a car.

When purchasing a voucher, customers have the option of paying for the reservation   in full in order to avoid having to pay at their destination. Once on site, customers are responsible for making sure that the rental agreement reflects the services they have requested, that no additional fees have been inadvertently added and that the vehicle they are taking possession of is indeed the one that was reserved, as indicated on the prepaid voucher. Gendron Travel is not responsible for any fees that are added at the rental counter. Customers are strongly advised to keep the gas receipt indicating they have filled the tank of the vehicle before returning it and to hold on to said receipt for at least a few weeks after returning home from their trip.


Gendron Travel shall not be held responsible for damage caused to baggage or sports equipment (ski equipment, bicycles, golf bags, etc.) during transportation and handling by airline employees or while in the baggage compartment.

Bicycles transported in the Gendron Travel trailer designed for this purpose will be handled with care in accordance with a procedure aimed at preventing damage during transportation. For logistics purposes, accessories must be removed, and customers will have the option of covering their bicycles in order to protect them. Bicycles placed in boxes will also be accepted.


Flight schedules and stops/transfers along a given route are for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice. The same applies to the type of aircraft, days of operation and even the airline conducting the flight.

Gendron Travel recommends the following to its customers before any departure:

  • Ask the airline carrier or your travel consultant about baggage weight and size restrictions and whether or not fees are included in your package
  • Confirm flight schedule 24 hours before departure
  • Select your seats 24 hours before departure
  • Go to the check-in counter 3 hours before the scheduled departure time
  • Have all required documents including passport, visa and airline tickets


Customers are responsible for complying with these recommendations to ensure a smooth and successful departure. Gendron Travel agrees to make the reservations included in the package or requested by the customer and shall not be held responsible for harm or prejudice caused to a customer who does not fulfill the obligations outlined above.

Gendron Travel shall not be held responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting from schedule changes, cancelled flights, overbooked flights, missed connections, lost baggage or other.

Flights are conducted in accordance with the air carrier’s tariffs and the regulations of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA). In this respect, air carrier passengers will henceforth be protected by a new Canadian federal regulation—namely, the Air passenger protection regulation, the provisions of which entered into force on July 15, 2019 with remaining provisions slated to enter into force on December 15, 2019.



Gendron Travel’s exclusive parking offers for the Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL) are reserved for Gendron Travel customers. These offers are not available to the public. Parking vouchers can only be issued from Monday to Friday. These must be issued before departure.


Possession of drugs, even those considered legal in Canada—cannabis, for example—,is prohibited during coach bus trips with Gendron Travel. Possession of cannabis or other substances could result in expulsion without possibility of a refund.

If you have a medical prescription for cannabis, you are entitled to transport this substance upon presentation of said prescription. You may not, however, consume the substance aboard the coach bus. Moreover, laws and regulations pertaining to the possession and consumption of cannabis shall be enforced at destination, and customers are responsible for being aware of these laws and regulations. Gendron Travel shall not be held responsible for consequences to customers who choose to transport cannabis, medical or otherwise, to their destinations.

Gendron Travel reserves the right to refuse access to customers who are intoxicated as a result of consuming a substance such as drugs or alcohol, or who are objectively deemed to be unfit to travel. The comfort and safety of passengers on board is a priority for Gendron Travel.


Protecting the identity and personal information of customers is a priority for Gendron Travel. We therefore only ask for personal information that is required to ensure the proper functioning of operations and communications. We do not sell our databases or share any personal information without your consent. We also use security systems on all of our computer systems in order to keep personal information safe.

Customers are advised to contact their travel specialist or the reception in order to inform Gendron Travel of changes to the home address, phone number or email address they have on file.



All of the pictures and images included on Gendron Travel’s Web site are provided for illustrative purposes only. Gendron Travel is not responsible for the different images and pictures provided by its suppliers.

Under penalty of prosecution, Gendron Travel prohibits the use of its Web site for illegal or fraudulent purposes. It is understood that any misuse of the travel reservation resources on the transactional site could result in access to the site being restricted.


The present terms and conditions and the legal relationship between Gendron Travel and its customers are governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec. Customers accept and recognize that the courts of the Province of Quebec, District of Beauharnois, have exclusive jurisdiction concerning any litigation involving Gendron Travel.


Gendron Travel may act as an intermediary between its suppliers and customers in the event of a claim. Comments and claims targeting Gendron Travel or one of its suppliers must be sent in writing to the travel consultant who made your reservation or to the following email address: We invite customers to send such claims and comments shortly after returning from their trip in order to ensure that it is followed-up on as soon as possible.



All travel agencies, including Gendron Travel, are obligated to provide the services described in their packages. Gendron Travel must also provide all additional services that were requested by their customers and confirmed by the latter’s travel consultants. If these services cannot be offered, Gendron Travel will offer comparable services or provide a refund.

Although Voyages Gendron carefully chooses its suppliers, no one is safe from a problem while travelling.

Whether it is the loss of luggage, an accident, weather conditions, flight cancellation, airport closure, illness contracted while travelling, political instability or a state of emergency, Voyages Gendron cannot be held responsible for events beyond its control or force majeure and related damages.

Damages may include loss of time, loss of enjoyment, inconvenience, frustration, additional expenses, loss of salary and quarantine.

Under no circumstances will Voyages Gendron make reimbursements for a situation of force majeure or events beyond its control. However, travel credits valid for a period of up to a maximum of 24 months may be offered as compensation in certain cases.

For more information, we invite you to contact your travel consultant or the agency reception desk. It will be our pleasure to assist you at your destination or guide you through the claims process, whether it be for a Gendron travel credit, a letter for your insurer or a claim with the FICAV and the various suppliers, if applicable.

Gendron Travel reserves the right to modify its general terms and conditions as well as its online sales conditions at any time.


Last modification: April 24, 2020

Note: The masculine gender is used throughout the text solely to ensure ease of reading and therefore applies to both men and women.