Anie Mainville
Anie MainvilleGroup coordinator assistant
Anik Gélineau
Anik GélineauTravel specialist (Currently on maternity leave)
Annie Gauthier
Annie GauthierGolf travel specialist
Bernard Gendron
Bernard GendronPresident
Caroline Proulx
Caroline ProulxSenior golf travel specialist
Céline Kien
Céline KienBike travel specialist
Chantal Leclerc
Chantal LeclercSenior travel specialist and group leader

Chantal began her career in the travel industry more than 30 years ago. Travel agent and group leader, she has been to more than 23 countries on all continents – except Antarctica – through the years. Passionate about travels, she loves everything about it: building vacation packages, selling them… and living them! Join Chantal, on a cruise or on a tour, as she enthusiastically shares her infectious passion for cultures and history.

Cheryl Scutt
Cheryl ScuttAccounting director
Christine Paulin
Christine PaulinSales director
Ève Bourdeau
Ève BourdeauGolf sales director
France Bourdeau
France BourdeauCorporate Accounts Assistant
Gisèle Reid
Gisèle ReidAccounting assistant
Jean-Michel Gendron
Jean-Michel GendronAgency director
Johanna Luparini
Johanna LupariniSupervisor & Travel Consultant
Jonathan Gloutnay
Jonathan GloutnayCoach tours director
Karine Lazure
Karine LazureOperations director
Kathleen Pimentel
Kathleen PimentelGolf travel specialist
Lilianne Cloutier
Lilianne CloutierSenior Travel Consultant
Marc-André Pelletier
Marc-André PelletierSki Groups Sales Assistant Director
Marc-Olivier Gagné
Marc-Olivier GagnéDigital Developments Director
Marie-Eve Page
Marie-Eve PageTravel Specialist
Marie-Michèle Philie
Marie-Michèle PhilieSenior ski travel specialist
Maxime Berthiaume
Maxime BerthiaumeInformation technologies specialist
Melanie Dumont-Roussin
Melanie Dumont-RoussinSki Groups Supervisor
Mélanie Tremblay
Mélanie TremblayGolf groups coordinator
Michèle Martel
Michèle MartelSenior travel Consultant – Cruise specialist – Group leader

After having travelled to about twenty countries, it was natural for me to change my profession in the year 2000.
21 years later … my backpack and my cruise kit have travelled a lot (70 countries and more than 45 cruises).
When people ask me what is my most beautiful trip, I always answer: All of them!
Every place has that special something to remember and sometimes the inconveniences become funny facts…that’s the travel experience ?

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Monyse Bélisle
Monyse BélisleSki products and Marketing Director

Travel enthusiast for over three decades, Monyse has been working at Gendron Travel for 25 years. She has since visited over 15 destinations in the Caribbean and West Indies, went backpacking in South East Asia for three months before settling down and discovering almost every skiing destinations of western Canada, the United States, France, Switzerland and Japan. She’s also been on road trips to California and has visited the USA’S main cities such as Boston, New York, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Vancouver and more… With her vast experience of travels and vacation coordination, Monyse will be an asset for your vacation.

Nadia Papineau
Nadia PapineauArt director - Graphic designer
Patricia Lemieux
Patricia LemieuxGroups coordinator
Paul Dubrûle
Paul DubrûleSki sales director
Sandra Leclerc
Sandra LeclercCommunication and marketing coordinator
Sandra Rocheleau
Sandra RocheleauTravel specialist - Group leader
Sébastien Piché
Sébastien PichéSenior supervisor and ski travel specialist
Sophie Laplante
Sophie LaplanteSales Director and ski travel specialist
Stella Molaison
Stella MolaisonReceptionist and group leader


Stéphanie Blanchette
Stéphanie BlanchetteTravel specialist
Victoria Bohdanova
Victoria BohdanovaContracts Assistant and Operations Supervisor
Victoria Tomilova
Victoria TomilovaAirlines Department Supervisor