Welcome in our Pairing for solo travellers section

Gendron Travel allows its clients travelling alone to partner with another passenger in the same situation. For over 40 years, hundreds of travellers have been paired up each year.We aim to introduce two, three or even four solo travellers together to created double, triple or quadruple occupancy. This service opens up new opportunities and is a great way to save on prices.

Here are two ways to subscribe to our pairing service:

  1. Talk to our travel specialist and tell them your requirements. You will then be introduced to someone also asking for a pairing. Once you’ve both confirmed the pairing, our travel specialists will process the booking. Absolutely no pricing or availability will be guaranteed before then.
  2. Publish a pairing request by clicking on  create a pairing request.

Conditions: Guarantee your spot with a group departure by booking a single occupancy. Then, your pairing request will appear on our Website. When pairing is confirmed, your invoice will be reduced accordingly. There are no paring guarantee, nor are there guaranteed pricing or availability until pairing is confirmed.