Travel Insurance

Our team gives you advices and proposes the best travel insurance products on the market.

To secure your next travel investment, it’s essential to have adapted protection in case of medical or dental expenses when traveling, luggage problems or if the need arises to cancel or cut short your trip.

An insurance policy, no matter what it civers, is always limited to a restricted frame, often detailed in a legal lexicon which exceeds the knowledge of the owner.

Our team has travel consultants with training and support from our partners to help you shed light on the complexities of the product.

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Cancellation and Interruption insurance policy

The cancellation insurance policy enables you to secure your investment and protects you from problems that could ruin your vacation even before you leave.

Ex. : You’ve booked your dream family vacation early to secure the best rate on the market but a few days before departing, you get sick. Your doctor tells you you can’t travel and have to take medication.

With this insurance policy, you will be reimbursed all sums already paid since the situation is out of your control.

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Emergency Medical Care

When going abroad, a medical insurance policy is a must. Trips are often synonymic of good memories but nobody is shielded from unforeseen medical situations. The insurance company will then take care of medical, transportation and other hospital bills so you can focus on what really counts; your health.

“It’s possible that the health care system of your province or territory covers no cost or, at best, pays off that a tiny part of the expenses and medical care received abroad and never at once.”

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Business and Development Canada

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Luggage insurance

Your stay abroad could turn out very differently if your luggage arrives late or is stolen. Luggage insurance is the best way  to protect your possesions. Get reimbursed for stolen effects or get an allocation for luggage arriving late.

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Annual insurance

You are a frequent traveller going abroad more than once a year? Talk to your travel consultant about the annual insurance policy. This package gives you coverage for 365 days and is very flexible. May it be Paris, Shanghai or a getaway in the United States, you stay protected.

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