Please ensure that you carefully read and understand both the general terms and conditions and the online sales conditions before making an online reservation. Note that the online sales conditions are considered a complement to the general terms and conditions available at Both the general terms and conditions and the online sales conditions equally apply to online reservations. In the event of any discrepancy between the general terms and conditions and the online sales conditions, those pertaining to the online sales conditions shall prevail.    

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The prices advertised on our online sales site remain valid as long as the user remains connected to the session in question. Should the user become disconnected or should the session close, prices may be different when re-connecting. Before making a reservation, the availability and price of the services you wish to purchase are subject to change without notice.


Note that, in the event of disparity between the prices posted on our Web site ( and our online reservation platform (, the prices posted on the online reservation platform shall prevail.



Only Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are accepted for online payments. Payment may be divided into several transactions on your credit card statement depending on the methods of payment of different suppliers.

At the time of payment, the reservation platform will offer the customer the possibility of paying in full or making a deposit. If the reservation is made after the final payment period—either 120 days, 60 days or 45 days before departure depending on the package in question—the reservation platform will not provide the deposit option. Should the customer choose to make a deposit (when this option is possible), the final payment date will be communicated to him through the confirmation email. A travel consultant will contact the customer a few days prior to the deadline for final payment. If the final payment is not made by the specified deadline, the reservation will be cancelled, and the deposit will not be refunded. Gendron Travel cannot be held responsible for a customer’s omission to make the final payment on time.

The customer’s credit card will be charged as soon as the payment is authorized by the customer on the online reservation site. By providing his credit card number electronically, the customer agrees to respect the present online sales conditions as well as the general terms and conditions, and authorizes the transaction for the security deposit and/or the transaction for the full purchase of services.


At the time of reservation, it is imperative that the customer enter the names of the passengers as the appear on their respective passports. Should any of the names be written differently, the customer must inform a travel consultant as soon as possible. Modification fees shall apply in such cases.

Customers have the possibility of selecting their coach bus seats, mentioning food restrictions or allergies, taking out insurance and more. Customers understand and agree that they are reserving a trip on their own, without the help of a travel consultant. Customers who have any questions or experience difficulty understanding the services offered on the reservation platform are responsible for contacting a Gendron Travel consultant.

Reminder: customers must absolutely obtain a valid passport at their own expense for any trip outside of Canada. Certain foreign authorities may even require that a passport be valid 6 months after the travel return date. Flight schedules are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice. A minimum of one adult (18 years or older) must be present per room reserved for any trip.



Once the customer has completed his online reservation, Gendron Travel will send an email confirming the reservation details to the address provided by the customer. The customer is responsible for verifying these details to ensure that the reservation is correct and complies with the desired trip. For any issues, please see the MODIFICATIONS section below.

As previously mentioned, it is imperative that customers enter the names of the individuals for whom they are reserving a trip as they appear in their respective passports.



To modify or add to a package reserved online, processing fees shall apply in addition to the fees related to the modification or addition. Customers must email or phone the travel consultant whose name appears on their confirmation email. If they do not have the name or extension number of the travel consultant in question, they may also call reception to have their call directed to the right person.


Please refer to this section in our general conditions.


Gendron Travel acts as an intermediary between different suppliers and their customers. Therefore, when making an online transaction, customers accept full responsibility for the purchases they make on the reservation site, without the advice or recommendations of a travel consultant. Gendron Travel can in no way be held responsible for harm or prejudice caused to customers who make such transactions without the help of a travel consultant.