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We asked him a few questions, just to get to know the person a little before going on a trip.

What was your best shot ever, where and when?
There are many… let’s say the most memorable was on September 21, 2016, on the 15th hole of the Cabot Cliffs Course in Nova Scotia. Evolving with the golf director of the club who tells me that this normal 3 of 160 verges on the edge of the sea is the signature hole of the club, I made a hole in one shot. I was given a club pennant mentioning my feat because it was a first on this beautiful hole.

Share a crazy group travel story
A few years ago on a group trip to Mexico, the Riviera Cancun route was really flooded, so the second nine was closed for a few days. My playmates and I took a bad shortcut to get to our departure and ended up on a portion of the course where there was practically 2 feet of water above the golf cart trails. Caught in a cul-de-sac, they try to turn around and the two carts break down… walking back to the cottage, knee-deep in the water and watching for the ubiquitous crocodiles in this section of the trail… no rest!
Your worst time at golf

In a qualifying round for the Canadian Open in Toronto, my wife Sylvi was a cadet. In the fifth hole, after missing a shot of approach, I wanted to put my wedge back in the bag with a little too much eagerness and the latter rather bounced, reaching my wife directly on the forehead. As Sylvi regained her spirits, an official of the RCGA takes her walkie-talkie and mentions to everyone that there is an emergency at hole number 5 since a professional hit her cadet on the head with a wedge… He could probably have announced this minor incident in a less dramatic way. I imagined all those people who heard this message…phew!

What do you do after a bad day in the field?
If time permits, I go directly to the exercise field because I don’t want to spend the rest of the day with negative images in mind. I stay there until the confidence has returned and my momentum seems ready for the next day’s round.

What is your favourite destination/terrain?
If I only had one round left to play, I would probably opt for the Punta Espada course, located near Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The beauty of this course, which is open to the public, ensures you have a dream day at every opportunity. It is the most beautiful golf course in the Caribbean, including Mexico. What’s the golf gadget you couldn’t live without?
I’m not much of a gadget, but I think I’d miss my Bushnell if he disappeared. This device makes it possible to evaluate the exact distances that separate us from a target. On the other hand, I was doing very well before this device even though it was longer and more difficult to assess distances.

Dream golf destination on your bucket list?
No doubt Scotland, the birthplace of golf. I believe that every golfer in his soul dreams of playing a few rounds in his life. The problem is that it is better to go there during the summer months, a rather busy time for a golf professional in Quebec.

Have you ever met a great golf name and if so, who and under what circumstances?
My work has allowed me to meet many great names in golf over the years. Arnold Palmer really impressed me with his kindness and charisma. I also have a great deal of respect for Fred Couples, a player I have had the opportunity to meet a few times and with whom I have a good relationship. I also had the chance to play with Billy Casper and Gary Player, two high-class men. However, I must admit that the one I found most kind is Nick Price, a true gentleman on the whole.

What kind of group coach are you?
I consider myself a good host when I accompany a group of golfers on a trip. I make sure that each guest is fully satisfied with their stay as much as possible. Most of the golfers I accompany already know me from my television status and I make sure to put them at ease from our first contact. I try to solve small problems quickly and listen to everyone. The ultimate goal is to make sure everyone comes home with wonderful memories and wants to relive the experience again.