My passion for skiing and travel is not new… it’s 30 years old to be precise. First of all, as a patrolman, I then reached level 3 of the alliance of ski instructors in Canada and then became a specialist columnist with TVA, Météo Média, several radio stations, publications and specialized websites. As a group leader I had the chance to visit beautiful mountains on three continents which allowed me to meet fantastic people who, like you and me, love skiing, share their passion and discover (and sometimes rediscover) the wonderful destinations offered by Voyages Gendron. What turns me on the most and motivates me year after year is to see this little light in the eyes of people when together we find ourselves facing a grandiose mountain landscape or after a descent where we have surpassed ourselves. If you, like me, want to make the most of your ski trips, join me, I will do everything in my power to make your trip memorable.